Pick and Pull

The boy,

His brand new boots,

in fresh mud,

Picking up the pieces,

On that rainy day.

The girl,

and her big ol’ dog,

Safe, inside the rental car,

Falling in love,

Up on that hill,

(Somewhere near Erin, Tennessee).


love and abuse,

To Her

When he called her “ordinary,” he meant so much more…

The Occlusion Effect


Do not trust the words of a man who yells at you while wearing earplugs in his ears…

the Media

does not know its viewers


She turned her cheek,

as they turned their heads


the only other person who she left him for


Because she loved him,

He believed she was crazy…

love & greatness


need no audience

Dear Nastyville Traffic,

If you’re gonna ride my ass,
At least pull my hair!

Drive Safely.


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