Pretzeled Thoughts

The temporary enamel of our childhood, hanging in by a single dying root, wiggles.  Soon, it will be discarded under a pillow, for imposed value, governed by a fabled relic.  Gone- like past-due milk in the fridge.  Forced out- for the next in line.

Rows of bleached baptists, biting at the unsaved.  Chomp.  Chomp.  Chomp.  On occasion, they bite a fallen brother creating the jam in a peanut butter sandwich, Darwinian classic combinationism.  A fallen soldier of the pearly gates is an uncomfortable sticky mess.  Similar to the way veneer plastered pubic hair sprouts like corn stuck between rows of teeth, awkward and uncomfortable.

A martyr, an innocent victim, yanked, tied, pulled, twisted, and molested by its original tongue.  In such pain are the hand-cuffed wrists while being read their rights. Left alone. Stained in guilt, miscarried, and Died with age.  The rootless tree falls from its infantile sanctuary.

And then the blood.  Drip. Drip. Drip.

Flavored tears, strong like iron (FE-fi-fo-fum), purify the gully where a tooth once lived.  News of the menstruating landfill travels quickly.  Its aroma is reminiscent of the smell of burning cheese in a dutch-oven on Thanksgiving Day.

Streeeetch, seep and drool, dirty mastication.

Absence and emptiness chew away.  The impulsive machine gumming for comfort.  Through this empty passage, Acceptance ensues.


From the fertile land, in a big city amongst the skyscrapers,  filled with frothy winter breath, emerges anew the plateau of adulthood.

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Michael Simon
    Oct 26, 2015 @ 18:12:29

    I want you to know.. That I tried. I tried to keep giving and I tried to be that guy. But I can’t do it anymore you know? With anyone. I can’t just keep going on hope and faith I can’t be my own sun. I’ve been trying to show other people the way and I can’t even show myself. I figured be the person I want others to be..I’m sorry.

    But even in the name of facts, I need support. And I don’t have it. I think I’ve tried to be so strong that people have forgotten what I’ve been through. I was good though, you know? I did give someone two books.. the most important person. But she silenced me. And even still I can’t be mad because I deserved it.. I think. When I should have just said three years ago that all I wanted was rest and a place to lay my head. I think I was running on fumes when I tried to help back.

    Thing is.. I’m always compared to a bear. Bears.. can’t say ouch. I don’t think I ever figured out how to say I need something. I think it’s imposing and selfish. Thank you for keeping me propped up with some of the stuff last year.

    So I’m going to put it out there in the world. Just once.



  2. Michael Simon
    Nov 11, 2015 @ 15:51:29

    Also. The one with the bad clothing fashion? I know what happened. and I don’t care. He is REALLY bad at lying by the way. but that doesn’t matter to me, on your end. My last message. Be well A friend.


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