Big Heads Home

Flamboyant leopard print dishes out the daily lunch special to a couple of blues.  Flies in the soup pound on and cancel out the empty calories.  Treat your elders with respect while killing them with cholesterol… The in-house motto clogs our genitals.

Buy low.  Sell High.  Date young.  Marry rich.  Her Jewish mother directs; these virtues are derivatively unbiased claims to be naturally sweeter than the banker whore’s solicitations.

Inversely proportional.  impulse drives the habit of a hungry heart.  Taste the rainbow.  Accept the community; it forecasts reign.

Face paint burns the conscience in a sweaty circus of good intent.

Trust the malice.  Emphasize the corpulence.

Talk it down, off the ledge.  Then, date it once upon its forbidden shelf-life has expired.  A doctor-patient past life promise pact in fast-forward retrospect.  Home-based delusional abstraction negotiates sympathy.

Intoxicated conduct predicts tonal conjugation and piratical visitation.

Drink only the sap of virginal mocumentaries.  Yet avoid monologues, they cost too much attention.  Relapse in relation,  but take me home before tasting the whip cream in my racy underoos.

An enchanted evening to go, please.  Cheesy and aged to perfection, like a blue cheese burger, chewy and consumable.

Oedipal complexity divides the vexatious revery of contact hours.

Crimson cookies dipped in milk, the season reruns with lacy emancipation.

I offer only the friendship tip.

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