Is it safe?

Congelytic conversations and yet no proofs.

All the radio(lytic) compounds

and backboned lymphocytes

provoke curious epicentric tarragons

The lava lamp baroque

Ameliorate it at the root or hairline fracture

To eradicate, use the Net Work

in secret agency of proximal urgency

A wireless microwave internet connection…

cook, talk, and surf at the same time.

Water absorbs waves.  Stroke.  Stroke.



through the transmissions.

Control your mind.

and remotely Follow the trend

of a multi-tasking evolution


effects the American Dream

Each uncensored seizure of consistency


compromises for convenience

Tinfoil hoodies in cold brinks of secure technology

epiglate the blood-brain barrier,

like stylish raincoats for any fashionista

Especially the ones sporting the Frey Effect.

Everyone is clucking and buzzing about it.

Go team, Go!

As other incoherent undulations

Control your dreams.

Enter In-voluntary epidemiology to

Face your smile.

While Big brother conducts


in the shadow of his TV.

Dioxins are released with conviction

Through congestion,

He passes down the air loom

Schizophrenia is hereditary.

You are what you eat.

This is just a test.