Steam, Steam


enveloping sense of calm,

while calamity rains on a tin roof.

Lies to hide behind

presents Shadow as self,

authentic ugliness

Steam, Steam

Garden of the Dying


in the garden of the dying

Out of place

(I take mine)

Sense lingers as Elder-berries bloom

Inevita-brates are crawling once again

Ardently decaying

knees first into soiled shells

To hibernate nakedly

in the light of

life and loss

Let go



Let grief (run like tears)

take the path of least resistance.

There is no cure,

only learning and growing…

Let go of the guilt.

Let yourself live your life.

What are we Working Poor?

Many of the “working poor” are caught in the web, cultivating fake lives, rather than creating self; all things are not true! Why choose to barter authenticity for false idol-ic images? In the end, a uniform worn all day does not camouflage emptiness. Wake up! Avatarial immediacy acts as a drug- deterring change, progress, growth, and resolution. So, unplug; save energy by expending some. Ignore the critics and invest in your dreams. Be naked, be human. Know, trust, love the biological machine you are driving.  Your time is worth your life.  The most probable and inevitable escape is death… Get out of the “Stream” and learn to be!

C-Section: Senescent

In the waiting room

an existential dilemma develops


Transcendental morality

Scopes for a HeartBeat

Patience and Nightingales

Occupy the Wading Room

Time wastes

In circles

While Elephants and Skeletons dance

Spinning and Digging

Higher self wants to get high

Faith tests.

Reality scores…

Drowning in filth

Surface to swim


Burn the caven curtains

Tear down the paper walls

Midnight Moon pulls a voice

out of your skin…

Eject to Survive

the buffer between bleeds

internal breathes into external