Naked and alone
on the cold kitchen floor,
Her bra and undies
tangled in his
heart strings

He uses her heart,
to slurp coffee from.
Her love goes down,
like sugar and sweet cream.

He hangs her dreams
from the paddle fan.
Rage spins on high.

Blue appears purple,
through her rose-colored eyes.
the kitchen begins to suffocate

Promises shatter,
with every door he slams.
Disappointment cuts,
like bridges of spoiled eggshells.
He is Volcanic.

He feasts on her desires,
then picks his teeth
with the bones in her closet…

He punches
his fists through walls,
Her rubbled soul escapes,
piece by peace

He Hates her
for loving him,
but he takes it anyway.

She is starving,
through madness.
If she could eat his shadow,
she would…

Instead, she snacks on freedom.

To Take the Bait

Looking up
From down below

Hope resembles
a strung-out rubber worm
Sparkling in refracted
sunny delight

Distorted, within reach
Hope harbors a hidden hook

heaven is at the Heart of apogee
Catch and Release
near death,
but not your time

Go back to the abyss
Broad-cast reel fear
Into the depths

Teach it in your schools
While they row, row, row
The Arc

Pray for prey
On pew knees

Above the holy rolling waves
Suffocate at hands of man


Wading on the Bloody Moon…

Beside the Moon and Her Reflection

I drown my intuition
to disregard the truth