10 is a lot; 10+2 is too (also), too many…

When he told her the ball is in her court, she played to love:love. He played for love.

(Anything is possible/Just for fun)



Reaching into each puddle,
to rescue every disgruntled reflection…
Such an ebbless act of heroism
Being in love with you.

Jem Gone Wild

Her toes make jokes,
As he gently strokes…

Tortuga Lurve

Any where I go, I am always home…
(In my heart, in His arms…)



Surrounded by a world of assholes, he is a pussy who prefers dick.

Agoraphobic Star

At home, where love is free
Come take a swim with me

Simply together, meant to be

Opalescent Diamonds of irony
Shimmering in the salty sea



Loving you was never an option; it is always a gift…


What a complete sentence.