Puppy Lurve

Driven to the edge

and parked

@ the view

forever seems small

as ants

When the world ends,

I hope I’m here with you

and we did away

with all

our cants

Under the moon,

stars above

& below

in each other’s eyes

we’ll dance

this life away

Through Seasons

The indelible beauty marks and scars, imprinted by lovers and lost time, brings the looking glass into focus.  As the heart ticks, the mind rocks in cincopated splendor.  The gears shift and the candor lifts, dissecting pleasure from pain, failure from success…

Marvel at the digression, while the water falls off this flat earth and we swim laps in whole milk.  Propensity is the miser keen to dismiss the patterns of this living labryinth.

Ardent benevolence arbitrates reason and dialectic antics call for light to shed hope.  Balance.  Mercurial conduit.  Folicules in desparity amass tinkering maladies of incomprehensible divergence, coalesce within silent doldrums, justly isolating and dismembering the anchor and terraforming deep roots with epic views. The pot is planted pleasantly. Anonymity precludes the chamber.