Sneaky Peaky Bits and Pieces

[of “Panthetic” my vERy 1st song (in no particular order and somewhere in the middle)]

Wendy, Darlin’ kiss that boy goodbye

Speak your truth, now don’t be shy..


Just another Peter Pan

Moonlighting as a Superman.

Oh Wendy,

You ain’t no Lois Lane.

You’re an independent woman,

Not some helpless dame…

Those Lost Boys, they have no shame.

So, Live you’re life, don’t play their game…

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  1. stubbornasanything
    Nov 17, 2015 @ 23:51:43

    This made Peter Pan cry harder than he has in a very long time.

    She believed the lost boys over him. Or worse. He gave his best and still failed and did so believing he was fake. She saved his life, and she was his heart. Unfortunately, he has to be a man. He has no choice. She asked one of the lost boys once how he has such emotional strength. The answer was her.

    Also, he never told the lost boys the truth. for they were lost by choice.. the saddest way to be lost.

    A sad song for the saddest day.


  2. Michael Simon
    Nov 18, 2015 @ 08:59:36

    You know, it took me a month once to decipher everything on this blog. You’re a tough cookie to crack. However, the ending of your song should be improved. Might I suggest?

    Telling someone to do better is not implying they are helpless. Far from it. Superman doesn’t view people as helpless. However, Lois Lane is an independent woman. See, she’s feisty , and isn’t afraid to do anything for the truth. Sometimes though, in her insightful exploration she forgets certain things. Most of the time, Superman is just a dude with glasses that has a crush on a strong brunette. He admires her for everything nobody else is. I can relate to that.

    Superman also tries to do the right thing at all costs. Perhaps, and this is just a guess, if he did act like Peter Pan at all, there was a reason for it. Now.. this is just a theory. But if I were Superman? The only reason why I’d ever show restraint was out of respect. If I felt like my restraint were to ever be failing, I’d pull away and hope beyond hope that Lois figured it out.

    Whether or not you see him as weak or strong, he’d hope you would ease your heart and clear your mind to look at him for what he really is. Someone smart once told me that. He’d also, out of respect for Lois, conceal any portion of the truth behind lies that may or may not come up. Maybe she’s undercover on a huge story.

    Mostly though, if there were a problem between the two characters, it is that at the end of the day, they are two different species. That’s why once in a while you have to speak clearly to be understood.

    I don’t really think that you have a Peter Pan on your hands. It sounds like you have someone madly in love with you. And the thing with love, is it’s hard to understand sometimes why the other person doesn’t “get it”. This someone, may or may not have had a rough year, and maybe after all this time, he simply wants to be in a hoodie cuddling each and every day. But it doesn’t make him a boy. It means sometimes he’s too stubborn to admit that he needs his own dose of hope sometimes. He tries, you know? And he is anything but a kid in his daily endeavors.

    Of course, I think saying goodbye to anyone under any circumstance is .. silly. Because I never give up hope on anyone, let alone someone with as much standing as this person has for you. And if there is a reason why maybe he misinterpreted your attempt to kiss him, it would be worth a try to tell him. To lay it all out and explain. I dunno, as a romantic, I don’t play I never play. I simply love love. I have a had a problem with people expecting me to be perfect. I’m just me. I’m kinda clumsy, and I get into a lot of accidents. My glasses are often crooked, and I don’t just always say the right thing.

    But I knew someone once, who didn’t care about any of that. I used to be kinda a fat kid 🙂 .. but she just talked with me and cared for me like I was. She liked me. And I liked her. I just .. didn’t have the courage at the time to tell her. To be honest, I miss being him. I miss being sweet and silly and just there. I miss the cups she’d take extra long to wash just to talk a bit longer.I shoulda gone on that Empire State building trip.. now that I think about it.

    She doesn’t know that I actually accept her for her too. I was never trying to “fix” what can’t be fixed. I was trying to relieve the stress.. you see I never liked seeing her stressed out. She’s very anxious. Doesn’t deserve that. I was trying to take that stress away and .. maybe I did it wrong. but I did it lovingly. She once told me that her and I are more similar than I ever knew.. and she was right.

    But, I’m trying to prevent you from making the same mistake I did. Maybe make the last part of the song a bit more pleasant. A happier ending? You shouldn’t have to tout that you’re independent. You just are. And saying you’re better off alone than with them.. it’s not a way to go out.

    But then again, she’s the light in my eyes, and maybe I hold her in very high regard. You can do what you like. I can get so serious sometimes with something that, if you take a look at it, really is simple 🙂


    • Elephant Under The Bus
      Nov 19, 2015 @ 20:28:49

      Thank you for your feedback Michael Simon. I will consider your suggestions and hopefully improve this. =)


      • Michael Simon
        Nov 19, 2015 @ 22:21:55

        =) Of course anything to help a woman in love.


        A man in love

      • Elephant Under The Bus
        Nov 20, 2015 @ 17:08:54

        Also, I think I should share two things:

        First, this “song” is a fictional story about make-believe characters, the actual intention of my words is encoded and unrelated to love.

        Second, the random teaser bits I pieced together and posted the other day may be misleading as to the plot and overall theme; excited to share the “final” mix soon!

      • Michael Simon
        Nov 21, 2015 @ 19:56:35

        Oh okay. Completely understandable. For a second I swore the song implied being single and confused why someone who is “really dumb” won’t act but I await your reveal

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