“Romantic Comedy”

At the end of a long. hard day. she came home to find a note taped to the door.  It was from her boyfriend.  First, she read his handwritten words in a speech bubble.

“Pbbt, I love you…”

For a moment, she thought he was thoughtful and a bit romantic.  She lady-lovebird-ingly studied the image to see who or what the speech bubble belonged to.  After a brief moment, she realized that the picture in the background of the note was a xeroxed copy of his hairy naked buttcheeks and balls.

So, in other words, her boyfriend’s inner asshole was speaking to her via the speech bubble coming out of his buttcrack in the background of the “love note” he wrote her.

Needless to say, she did not feel very loved or romanced.  Still, she gave him the benefit of the doubt and hoped it was meant to be funny and not as insulting as it seemed (especially since they were arguing the night before).

Later that evening, when she asked him why he left her a note like that, his reply was, “… it was supposed to be like a romantic comedy.”

What do you think?

Dead Balance

art_forum_Oct_12The shadow is a signpost on the path to individuation.
Merge with it.


Let’s break bread with the broken,
’cause here’s what I’m hoping,
that our love will be kind and enough…