Dear Nastyville Traffic,

If you’re gonna ride my ass,
At least pull my hair!

Drive Safely.



She realized:
• She deserved –
• More than the scarcity of good love
• Better than his abusive tendencies
• Lightning Bugs and Butterflies
• Happy Smiles in photographs
• Enough room to be herself


How Far do the Apples Fall From the Stage?

What would you do if you and your boyfriend (now ex) witnessed one of his bandmates cheat on his wife, then apologize to you, and ask you both not to tell her?


Honesty Means


  • Care deeply about trust
  • Cherish our relationships
  • Value the importance of a solid reputation
  • Try to do our best and are willing to take the consequences of our actions
  • Respect others enough to tell them the truth
  • Value our opinion of ourselves enough to never live a lie

(Frank Sonnenberg Cited)


Pinnochio’s Pardon: a draw bridge

While the phantom bridge may have burned in anger, the “Princess” lamentedly withdrew the bridge to her castle. No longer suspended in terror, her honor and respect are regained.

Still, so many lessons linger like pearls at the water’s edge, only a few deep roots remain tethered to the foundation of each bridge. Even still, her hope floats like a wooden puppet, heartstrings and all.