Sky Lite

RLP_Cape_Leeuwin_Lighthouse_by Random Lights Photography

Rise above the water,

let forgiveness set us free

Our love will be a beacon,

the lighthouse on the sea






Let’s break bread with the broken,
’cause here’s what I’m hoping,
that our love will be kind and enough…



Divine Feminine

Plans become planks

we are forced to walk each day

Thankful to be light as a feather,

with the sun on our wings


On the day she said she was proud of him

and no longer wanted to hide their love,

He quit…


there were too many other pretty girls

Salvage Meter

He jalopied our love, like he did our vehicles;
it’s no wonder, it went nowhere.


On the Blink

Roses transform,
Waxing Sunflowers.

Doormats dematerialize,
Salty tears extinguish
Muddy Boots.

Eyelet sky is exploiting,
Hope extends, still.

Love saturates this life,
Filling her well…



Raw, pulpy heart,
skinless body ripped away.
Maya of soul’s existence
shed in salty tears.

Compassion and
Forehead Kisses
Comforts of a naked soul
Healing in His embrace

Cemetery Plot

Buried the keys to a past love
beneath the Live Oak,
Noose still hangs on a limb…
Broken Clean.
Knowledge grows
in shades of decomposition…


Architecture’s Echoing Constitution; Weathered Canyon

As he burned their bridge,
Her cremated compassion,
was washed away

When he drowned their love,
She surrendered
to his forceful nature,
Embellished the oceans
with her bioluminescent amber
and golden flecks

As he buried their truth,
within his chest,
Her raining forgiveness
flooded his headstone heart

Time-speckled echoes
in their fault-line canyon,
His and Her Remains



He loved them
They were
the perfect distraction


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