love and abuse,

Over (k)Night

Your father’s life teeters on the cusp of death

And the woman who loves you grows tired of your (according) “mood swings”

We continue to hope for recovery…

The Wall Pained to Become a Window

When they hurled themselves at her, like spaghetti noodles, al dente…


Drive-by revolution

Drive-by revolution
Manifest falsification of evolution
Allegorical contraband
Part of the grandeur plan

Shine and dine
Then recline to (your)
golden shrine

Bee Lurve

centered, on the fringe
fluid like the falls
Heart’s cynosure
proceed towards emotions
go to them
yoke the train of elephants
Creation is a Relationship


Welcome to the Zombie A~poco~lypse, May I Follow Your Orders Please

Eagle flies over head.
Democracy eclip$ed
The Burger King is dead.

One up,
Reality kills.
Humanity is being buried,
under their bills.

Exploiting us slowly,
in our living rooms.
We eat their poison,
as they consume.



Emblems of disregard
Stretched and twisted
Manic and depressed
Cartography of angel kisses
Un-dauntingly courageous superlatives
Delightful debutantes debate
Banished engulfment
Interwoven disparity
Religious crutch
Blasphemous regime
Parchment and thyme

Dish on Plate

The buffers we create
Are relative to the dishes on our plates

Taking drugs to hibernate
Making babies to fatalistically placate

we hide
We. distance.
we Blame
we discourage

Dissonant ripples
Timeless time
and time again…
Blemishes in the Pond

What are we Working Poor?

Many of the “working poor” are caught in the web, cultivating fake lives, rather than creating self; all things are not true! Why choose to barter authenticity for false idol-ic images? In the end, a uniform worn all day does not camouflage emptiness. Wake up! Avatarial immediacy acts as a drug- deterring change, progress, growth, and resolution. So, unplug; save energy by expending some. Ignore the critics and invest in your dreams. Be naked, be human. Know, trust, love the biological machine you are driving.  Your time is worth your life.  The most probable and inevitable escape is death… Get out of the “Stream” and learn to be!