Morbid Morals

Exploit the humble (Cinderella)

Only by being loved does one become lovable (Beauty and the Beast)

Kill giants, no matter how grand they may be; Kill giants, simply because they are giants (Jack and the Bean Stalk)

The struggle for meaning is real.



Between My Lips,


hide my teeth,

bite my tongue,

hold my breath…

Love One Another

To You,

(yes, You!)

May there be

“peace in your heart,

a smile on your face,

food on your table,

courage to love unconditionally,

and the ability to forgive fully…”

Let joy be the focus.

“It’s not the end, it’s only a transition.”

thank you for sharing these lessons.

I love you.



A Letter to My Best Friend about that (Dumb) Boy


Dear best friend,

Hi, hello, hey.

I just have a lot on my mind. About you, about your worth, about that (dumb) boy.

And instead of saying names, or texting you, or calling him out, I thought I’d share it on here. Because I know I’m not the only best friend out there, who has found themselves between a rock and a hard place regarding their best friend and a (dumb) boy.

(More specifically, your dumb boy.)

While I could spend a whole post ranting about why I don’t like him, I’d rather tell you the more important things: all the reasons that I like you—and in turn—why a girl like you, doesn’t need a boy like him. (Because a girl like you, deserves so much more, than a boy like him.) SO!


Dear Best Friend:

You are beautiful

I don’t mean that in an artificial, ingenuine way.


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The Unapologetic Obligation to Forgive


Speak to us of the elusive apology, please. In this day and “new” age, much of the emphasis seems to focus on the obligatory need to forgive. Although there may be freedom in forgiveness, resolute forgiveness can be a great responsibility.

(Take the high road to apology.)


buried deep within,


marks the spot…

Sounds like

“…Me, me, me, Me…”

on repeat.


I refrain

(your love)






like children,

do not know

the weight of words…




war songs




like “music”

to our ears…




The Forest’s Gump

Sitting on a stump

Doe eyes crying…

Never voted for Trump

Happiness is…

… when you love your job…

Now accepting resumes and applications.


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