Anchor’s Up

With Hope against hope,
He unpacks his baggage
On every stage
Wish you were here
To hear him float away
In the canoe
On the river


a flowing river
Springs purely
in my heart

light sheds on
Ever-evolving curves
and abundance

hopeful and expanding
Estuaries run off
collectively feeding in

looking out and within
through wet sands and mountains
True to our family mission:
ride home together

Floats like Feathers

My love floats like feathers; as we

chase our dreams.

Through window panes,

the fall has caught me,

Deep within your arms…

In your heart, I AM home (again).

I never fell in love with you.

Always I have loved you.

At the bottom,

on the ground,

Meeting in the middle

this (life) time.

Looking up to stars…