Over Night


When did the cost of love become so inflated?

Wasn’t it always free?

When did it’s quality become so deflated?

And whatever happened to honesty?

Where was the media when the truth became extinct?

Have we stopped using our hearts and minds to think?

Over night, it seems,

Men became bankers with little sense.

And now Women are reclaimed assembly lines, lacking decadence.

Perverted carnal vehicles with radical exchange,

Waking up to this feels extremely strange…

What are we Working Poor?

Many of the “working poor” are caught in the web, cultivating fake lives, rather than creating self; all things are not true! Why choose to barter authenticity for false idol-ic images? In the end, a uniform worn all day does not camouflage emptiness. Wake up! Avatarial immediacy acts as a drug- deterring change, progress, growth, and resolution. So, unplug; save energy by expending some. Ignore the critics and invest in your dreams. Be naked, be human. Know, trust, love the biological machine you are driving.  Your time is worth your life.  The most probable and inevitable escape is death… Get out of the “Stream” and learn to be!

Gills and Jointed Leg Theory

Take a moment, a precipice, to clearly identify one of your irrationally obscure fears.  Then, jump off into the deep end.  What are you afraid of?  Now,  justify the why?  Ignore the culturally biased warnings and swim towards deeper meaning?

Why the fear of gills and jointed legs?  Isn’t evolution a spiritual experience after all?  We swam to walk and walked to think.  Now, we are so hesitant to do any of it for ourselves.  Wearing top-rated safety belts, fear drives us to the doctor and gives us placebos to live in limbo with, rather than to dance on.  Manufactured false senses of securities act like loud colorful dinosaurs, thus once again move men to live in caves.  Hiding.

All in all, I am still afraid of the dark.  Aren’t we all, a little bit?  Close your eyes… is your mind at ease?  (probably not.)  We cannot hide in the dark.  Faint light, even dimmer than the defaced reflectors on a fat person’s running sneakers discarded in the Everglades on a cloudy night, shines in though our eyelid lampshades.   Live in the light.  Superstition or truth, fear saves lives.  Blah, blah, blah, blah…

And the truth lives on glaring like the sun as we grow into more complex biological machines, housing the lightening of our breath.  The crackling thunder roars quack in the night over a field of bionic sunflowers and tall poppies.

I hope this does not delay my flight.

(So, i started a blog after a few 1/2 glasses of red wine.  i need an outlet for my mind.  It is getting too thick inside.)