Mirage at See

He is an exercise in self-restraint,

She makes love in uncontrol.

Everyday she falls for him,

Free as rain.

His heart is still asleep,

Each morning, her heart, a waking sun.

He embraces her sexuality,

She spiritualizes the Earth with it.

He sails her in his boat of longing,

They envy her misery…

Over Night


When did the cost of love become so inflated?

Wasn’t it always free?

When did it’s quality become so deflated?

And whatever happened to honesty?

Where was the media when the truth became extinct?

Have we stopped using our hearts and minds to think?

Over night, it seems,

Men became bankers with little sense.

And now Women are reclaimed assembly lines, lacking decadence.

Perverted carnal vehicles with radical exchange,

Waking up to this feels extremely strange…

Moon Bears Morning

On the path,

Heart as guide,

Moon bears morning,

Naked soul awakens

Healing and growing


a Nursery of  Stars…

Fishing for Stars

love is Insanity

heart is oblivious

Still it keeps the beat

one, one, one, one


Steam, Steam


enveloping sense of calm,

while calamity rains on a tin roof.

Lies to hide behind

presents Shadow as self,

authentic ugliness

Steam, Steam