Raw, pulpy heart,
skinless body ripped away.
Maya of soul’s existence
shed in salty tears.

Compassion and
Forehead Kisses
Comforts of a naked soul
Healing in His embrace

Let it Out

Tantalizing ponder meant
to flow into facets
Is diluted with
ambrosial Kool-aid
Communistic equality
marched down the Aisle
Over the threshold of
tolerant compromise…
Marriage of the masses
Mirage of the infantile
Morose of the lazy i’s
Still hungered for love
Lusting for common law
Forever endured
one moment more
Dropped the baggage
Tip-toed out the back door
Dog wagged all the while…

Triangulation directed me closer to the stars,
so I took that route towards the sun.
Epiphanies in the clouds

Speculation brought me back down to dirt,
not much to say for the insecurities of gravity…
Justly humbled
Held down, yet together…

Moved back into Mother Earth…
My room in the heart of her womb…
Seasons sheltered in Our home

Listened to the springs and caught the falls.
Illuminated by the silent fullness of the winter Moon
It shines bright as summer in love

Floats like Feathers

My love floats like feathers; as we

chase our dreams.

Through window panes,

the fall has caught me,

Deep within your arms…

In your heart, I AM home (again).

I never fell in love with you.

Always I have loved you.

At the bottom,

on the ground,

Meeting in the middle

this (life) time.

Looking up to stars…