Let’s break bread with the broken,
’cause here’s what I’m hoping,
that our love will be kind and enough…



Over (k)Night

Your father’s life teeters on the cusp of death

And the woman who loves you grows tired of your (according) “mood swings”

We continue to hope for recovery…


Raw, pulpy heart,
skinless body ripped away.
Maya of soul’s existence
shed in salty tears.

Compassion and
Forehead Kisses
Comforts of a naked soul
Healing in His embrace


Last night,
I saw my life drive-by,
In an old, maroon Chevy truck…
Bed filled to brim with memories,
Driven away by a stranger.
And I just kept walking forward…
On my own two feet,
In my own two shoes…
From my head, to my heart,
To the table,
I danced the night away… 🌻


We are ~

Each a burning
ember in the expeditious
flame of human condition…
Floating and flittering
within and without;
(always) at the mercy of the wind…
Witness and Explore
the ever-evolving warmth
Reaching out
for one another…
Fearlessly Dancing
in the Lite
of this One
Life and Love

Beside the Moon and Her Reflection

I drown my intuition
to disregard the truth


Floats like Feathers

My love floats like feathers; as we

chase our dreams.

Through window panes,

the fall has caught me,

Deep within your arms…

In your heart, I AM home (again).

I never fell in love with you.

Always I have loved you.

At the bottom,

on the ground,

Meeting in the middle

this (life) time.

Looking up to stars…




Addicted to the Flavor of Your Mind

When you asked me if you could have me,

I gave myself to you.

If you wanted me, you would have taken me.

I could care less, if I choose to…

Moon Bears Morning

On the path,

Heart as guide,

Moon bears morning,

Naked soul awakens

Healing and growing


a Nursery of  Stars…

Fishing for Stars

love is Insanity

heart is oblivious

Still it keeps the beat

one, one, one, one


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