Missing the forest of tomorrow, for the trees of today;

I loved him in the places where the ground was steady…




… like a caterpillar making promises to the tree…


Architecture’s Echoing Constitution; Weathered Canyon

As he burned their bridge,
Her cremated compassion,
was washed away

When he drowned their love,
She surrendered
to his forceful nature,
Embellished the oceans
with her bioluminescent amber
and golden flecks

As he buried their truth,
within his chest,
Her raining forgiveness
flooded his headstone heart

Time-speckled echoes
in their fault-line canyon,
His and Her Remains


A Well Red Flower – part 4

She closes her eyes and her body unfurls on the living green blanket beneath her. It holds her ever so gently. She drifts off to dreams. All the while, the sun, perched in the forest of clouds in the sky, watches over her. He takes the leap and falls for her. Landing upon her, reflecting in her golden hair, he tenderly kisses her cheeks and chest…
As the wind begins to whisper, the sun rises again. Passionately caressing her in tones of a gentle breeze, the wind carries her scent through the ether.


Bee Lurve

centered, on the fringe
fluid like the falls
Heart’s cynosure
proceed towards emotions
go to them
yoke the train of elephants
Creation is a Relationship



a flowing river
Springs purely
in my heart

light sheds on
Ever-evolving curves
and abundance

hopeful and expanding
Estuaries run off
collectively feeding in

looking out and within
through wet sands and mountains
True to our family mission:
ride home together

The Gifted Blade

Often, she feels as though she stands out,

like a really tall blade of grass

in a freshly mowed yard,

awkward and alone.

 But from her awkwardness,

She has a decent view

of nearly all in front of and next to her.

Yet, she is at a deficit to see all that is behind her,

fore she is merely a blade of grass.

At times,

when the wind blows her just so,

she can see where she is coming from.

Friends, as we are, act as the wind.

The grass may seem greener ahead of or behind us…

but it is greenest in our hearts…

Open your heart for loving and healing.

She love the wind.