Old Song

Lost in Love, how could this be?

Lookin’ for the light, but I just can’t see…


Every night I pray to grow,

to find my way, to let you go


Crows are laughin’, bed is cold

Bridge needs mending, so I’m told


Lyin’ under-cover with my doubt

The light of my life blew my candle out


On the day she said she was proud of him

and no longer wanted to hide their love,

He quit…


there were too many other pretty girls

The Many Seasons of Human

Fire and Ice
Please melt the snow
Renew our Earth,
Let her magic flow

Forge a burning river of love,
from deep inside
Purple petals bow to the dove
As Earth protects her pride

Of Hearts

Once upon a time,
The Princess was
Once a pawn in time,
Until the moment
She became
The Queen…


synapses between the interwoven…

Our Love,

this lifetime
in sunshine
the rain
this moment
the path
to the heart
this dream
these butterflies
deep into the spaces between the stars-
Make love
freely in synapses between


Emblems of disregard
Stretched and twisted
Manic and depressed
Cartography of angel kisses
Un-dauntingly courageous superlatives
Delightful debutantes debate
Banished engulfment
Interwoven disparity
Religious crutch
Blasphemous regime
Parchment and thyme

Dish on Plate

The buffers we create
Are relative to the dishes on our plates

Taking drugs to hibernate
Making babies to fatalistically placate

we hide
We. distance.
we Blame
we discourage

Dissonant ripples
Timeless time
and time again…
Blemishes in the Pond

We are ~

Each a burning
ember in the expeditious
flame of human condition…
Floating and flittering
within and without;
(always) at the mercy of the wind…
Witness and Explore
the ever-evolving warmth
Reaching out
for one another…
Fearlessly Dancing
in the Lite
of this One
Life and Love


a flowing river
Springs purely
in my heart

light sheds on
Ever-evolving curves
and abundance

hopeful and expanding
Estuaries run off
collectively feeding in

looking out and within
through wet sands and mountains
True to our family mission:
ride home together

Mirage at See

He is an exercise in self-restraint,

She makes love in uncontrol.

Everyday she falls for him,

Free as rain.

His heart is still asleep,

Each morning, her heart, a waking sun.

He embraces her sexuality,

She spiritualizes the Earth with it.

He sails her in his boat of longing,

They envy her misery…

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