Sky Lite

RLP_Cape_Leeuwin_Lighthouse_by Random Lights Photography

Rise above the water,

let forgiveness set us free

Our love will be a beacon,

the lighthouse on the sea






Let’s break bread with the broken,
’cause here’s what I’m hoping,
that our love will be kind and enough…



Old Song

Lost in Love, how could this be?

Lookin’ for the light, but I just can’t see…


Every night I pray to grow,

to find my way, to let you go


Crows are laughin’, bed is cold

Bridge needs mending, so I’m told


Lyin’ under-cover with my doubt

The light of my life blew my candle out

Architecture’s Echoing Constitution; Weathered Canyon

As he burned their bridge,
Her cremated compassion,
was washed away

When he drowned their love,
She surrendered
to his forceful nature,
Embellished the oceans
with her bioluminescent amber
and golden flecks

As he buried their truth,
within his chest,
Her raining forgiveness
flooded his headstone heart

Time-speckled echoes
in their fault-line canyon,
His and Her Remains



Turn on –
Step into your light
And awaken to life
All is love meeting love…

Tune in –
Gaze into the fire
And take note
Humanity can be saved by
people with good hearts


Let it Out

Tantalizing ponder meant
to flow into facets
Is diluted with
ambrosial Kool-aid
Communistic equality
marched down the Aisle
Over the threshold of
tolerant compromise…
Marriage of the masses
Mirage of the infantile
Morose of the lazy i’s
Still hungered for love
Lusting for common law
Forever endured
one moment more
Dropped the baggage
Tip-toed out the back door
Dog wagged all the while…

Anchor’s Up

With Hope against hope,
He unpacks his baggage
On every stage
Wish you were here
To hear him float away
In the canoe
On the river

The Space Between

Take my body,
Soul is my own
Flesh ignites
Longing burns
Spirit rises
Hands caress
Heart pulses
Bodies lace
Together in
Sacred Sacred


We are ~

Each a burning
ember in the expeditious
flame of human condition…
Floating and flittering
within and without;
(always) at the mercy of the wind…
Witness and Explore
the ever-evolving warmth
Reaching out
for one another…
Fearlessly Dancing
in the Lite
of this One
Life and Love


a flowing river
Springs purely
in my heart

light sheds on
Ever-evolving curves
and abundance

hopeful and expanding
Estuaries run off
collectively feeding in

looking out and within
through wet sands and mountains
True to our family mission:
ride home together

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