Let it Out

Tantalizing ponder meant
to flow into facets
Is diluted with
ambrosial Kool-aid
Communistic equality
marched down the Aisle
Over the threshold of
tolerant compromise…
Marriage of the masses
Mirage of the infantile
Morose of the lazy i’s
Still hungered for love
Lusting for common law
Forever endured
one moment more
Dropped the baggage
Tip-toed out the back door
Dog wagged all the while…

Welcome to the Zombie A~poco~lypse, May I Follow Your Orders Please

Eagle flies over head.
Democracy eclip$ed
The Burger King is dead.

One up,
Reality kills.
Humanity is being buried,
under their bills.

Exploiting us slowly,
in our living rooms.
We eat their poison,
as they consume.